Today, I begged in French.

During a 24-hour shift at my part-time job, I called the French Embassy and begged them (in massacred French and a little English too) to send my letter of acceptance.

Imagine my horror when I realized that they HAD sent my letter of acceptance TWO WEEKS AGO.

What? You don’t actually send a paper copy of my letter? And WHAT? You already sent that electronic copy?! ZUT ZUT ZUT! (“Crap crap crap!”)

Here I have been sweating bullets begging the CIA–oops again, I mean, Campus France to give me something that they already dished over… a long time ago.

Ah yes, the joys of being a last-minuter. It figures that I would have missed that ENORMOUS AND CRUCIAL DETAIL that was cleverly hidden just where I wouldn’t see it. It was very sneakily hidden… in the directions.

In my defense, I am an airhead and was told by many people that I would get a paper copy (which I obsessively looked for in my mailbox). Nevertheless, to all of you concerned individuals (and I know you exist), …. Drumroll please….