It’s creeping closer and closer and closer and then before you realize what’s happening, your father is simulating the packages you’ll be bringing and whether or not everything will fit in the trunk.

I have a bizarre mental picture concerning the Beverly Hillbillies, but as long as the Beverly Hillbillies get to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, I don’t care. We’re down to the last 48 Hours in the USA, folks! I can’t believe it! We pick up the lovely Molly DesRoches in Fargo, stop at Concordia to give my brother, future bridesmaid and cousin a hug and kiss and then leave from there for a non-stop trip to the Twin Cities.

I have everything I need. I have all the words I need to say. I have books, music and notebooks. I have addresses, phone cards and Tide-To-Go pens. I have so much hand sanitizer that I would put some hospitals to shame. I have not, however, gotten to say goodbye to really special people in my life. We’ll hopefully get that done today. It’s the last check-mark on the to-do list! Then we’re on to a whole NEW set of challenges that involve inadvertently unwittingly insulting a little old lady and embarrassing myself horribly and running smack into a French door, nose-first.

My friend Laura is almost ready to take off from Minneapolis to Chicago and then to Charles de Gaulle.

Kelsey and Danielle are already whooping it up in Caen and they’ll pick me, Molly and Laura up from the train station when we arrive. I’m praying that all the paperwork got done, and I have a room where my suitcase can properly explode.

Here we go! Stay tuned!