The only thing more terrifying than attending a new social atmosphere you’ve never experienced is attending a new social atmosphere you’ve never experienced in another language.

All my fears were instantly settled when a woman who looked like the French version of my Kindergarten teacher ushered me into a little room and proceeded to speak in kind and delightfully slow French. I UNDERSTOOD HER! Joy!

Well it turns out that this system doesn’t take into consideration the time it takes to go through orientation let alone the timing of one’s class schedule, so no sooner had I settled into being a Kindergartener again with Mrs. Rich at the front of the class than Cedric got me to orientation and a fresh set of peers and teachers. Talk about classroom whiplash! No more Mrs. Rich (whose real name I am sorry to say is most certainly not Mrs. Rich but Madame Baton). This is where I felt like a complete rockstar, however, because I understood almost everything presented to me via overhead projector and then was rewarded for my efforts by fresh pain au chocolat (bread and chocolate) et cafe (and coffee). After a brief lunch, we were ushered to another building where stacks and stacks of paper was given to us along with the charge (in French) to present every document we brought with us to France.

It is a miracle. I not only spent 200€ to get health insurance but 30€ for a tram pass and lunch to boot.

Might I just take the time right now to say that if I were to be injured in any way that about six insurance companies would be paying out bank to me. This is only slightly tempting given my current economic status.

I met about a dozen hilarious and wonderful Americans, got a telephone, filled out a billion pieces of paper and handed over my passport to about 10 different people. Whatever system of orientation the French have developed thus far seems to work for them. Normal Americans would freak out at such insanity. It’s a good thing I’m too nieve to realize that I was getting jerked around to every international official at the Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie.

I got a STACK accomplished today. I’m planning on contacting a French family as per the suggestion of the international programs, going to Carrefour again today with Molly and Company and going to bed early. It’s been another wonderful, exciting day!