Bonne Chandeleur (a little late)! Yesterday was traditional Crepe Day.The dictionary told me that La Chandeleur is celebrated in church but it is not a public holiday. It’s a wonderful experience!

It’s a cloudy, windy, rainy day at the Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie. People are bundled up in scarves, gloves and wool coats and are hurrying across the large football field in my “front yard” with their faces tucked into their chests. For you Midwesterners, it feels like mid-March here.

Monday we went to Carrefour again (French Wal-Mart) and bought the most obtusely ENORMOUS jar of Nutella I’ve ever seen and a beautiful crusty baguette. Cedric and Sebastian Reese, my little French friends back in the USA, said to eat a lot of good baguettes. I feel very obligated to be obedient in their charge.

Yeah, that's the stuff.

In the way of school, I am still going through the week-long orientation process. I liken it to a giant soduku puzzle, the kind that you get in the New York Times Sunday Edition that is the next thing to rocket science. Although there aren’t any French people in my classes, I have met a lot of other Americans, Ghanans , Chinese and Japanese students. It’s going to be really fun to get into a classroom with the same people to learn their names, hear their stories and decyper their equally accented French (in comparison with mine).

Tonight we go to bed early. We had such a great night at O’Donnells Irish Pub, but today after classes we are going to be whipped. I have learned so much in my classes already, and we are only on Day 3 of Orientation Week!!!