There is nothing like an open-air market to make you feel like what you’re eating is right-from-the-Earth-good-for-your-soul.

Since Laura and Danielle headed out for Paris this morning, the rest of us decided to take a leisurely Friday afternoon wandering the beautiful streets of old-town Caen and explore the market scene.  The sky was cloudless, the air was warm and the sunshine divine. For you midwesterners braving windchills that make eskimos shiver, it was about 45 degrees today.

We walked to a market about 2 miles from the University. There we discovered fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, every kind of meat imaginable, cakes, sweets and patisserie (pastry). Everything from hot wine to fur vests and furnature could be found at the market. I wandered around with my eyes wide open, my heart full and a giant “American Smile” on my face.

If you breathed deeply, you could smell the poissonnerie (fish market) and the frying of soft, gooey ham and Swiss galettes (the French version of a burrito). The people bargained, picked up and squeezed fruit and walked with such flair and pizzazz that I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. As a group, we

Walking to market in the morning

decided that somewhere in their education process, the French Children are taught how to look French. Everyone is chic. Everyone is well-dressed and put-together. Everyone wears stilettos (except for the men who wear pointy-toed dress shoes. Kelsey shudders at the thought!).

There were stacks upon stacks of roses and daisies and flowers of every shape and size. Beautiful fathers and beautiful mothers with their beautiful children waited in line for crepes and murmered to eachother in indistinguishable French. I looked on with sheer happiness.

Beautiful Flowers at Market

Fresh Produce at Market

The World's Best Clementines. Combined, we ate about 12 of them.

We discovered another couple beautiful Gothic Cathedrals and more interesting shops (including a Violin shop!).

Getting back to the University was quite the challenge, however. Because it is Friday, everyone decides to go home for a few days and brings along a giant suitcase. The tram, therefore, was completely packed to the point of pain. My baguette I had just purchased somehow got sqashed in half and the dude behind/next to me muttered obscenities when the tram shifted and something/someone squashed him the wrong way. Har har, little did he know that I UNDERSTOOD HIM!!! Nevertheless, we made it home and are safe and sound.

Tonight we are planning a big dinner of orange rice and shrimp, green beans and cookies. (I am le Chef c’est soir!) Between the lot of us, we are a culinary wealth. Chances are if one doesn’t have it (whatever it may be) the other one does.

It has been one week since we’ve been living here and in some ways, it feels more like a year. In other ways, it feels like we’ve been her for five minutes.

Stay tuned for weekend adventures!