I would like to preface this post with a plea to all your North Dakotans/Minnesotans who are braving wind chills and plugging in your vehicles–please do not disown me concerning the following whine-session.

If Midwesterners think they’re the only ones in the world who wake up to find the sky gloomy, the wind frosty and the ice on their car impenetrable and yet by the end of the day be digging through summer clothes buried in moth balls and sipping lemonade on the veranda… then let me tell you about the weather patterns here.

I swear this is how today went. No lies. Ready?

1. I woke up to find the sky, as usual, grey and cloudy. As I sat down to check my email…

2. It started to sleet little chunks of snow/sleet/rain/something resembling tiny packing peanuts.

3. Entranced, I watched for a few moments and suddenly, within 5 minutes of beginning, the packing peanuts stopped falling from the sky and…

4. The sun came out, highlighting the beautiful wall of navy blue clouds to the north.

5. I put on my robe and grabbed my shampoo and peeked outside again. The sun was most certainly gone and…

6. We now had gusts of wind that was making the clouds skirt across the sky and the blue wall of clouds creep closer and closer until…


8. By this time, I was more transfixed with what might come out of the sky next than concerned about my getting-ready routine. I was convinced that there might be the début of a hurricane, a tornado, a UFO…

9. By the time I finished getting ready for the day (25 minutes or so), the sun was back out, the ground was now sloppy wet and…. the wind was roaring. So much for doing my hair.

10. Sat in class for 2 hours. This may or may not have been when the hurricane happened.

11. Go outside, brave the roaring wind again (ha, you UNDers think your wind is so awful!).

12. While I ate lunch, and approximately 10 minutes later, we had in succession:

13. Rain

14. Sleet

15. Snow

16. and Sun.

17. By the time my next class finished, the wind had picked up once again, it had snowed and the sun had shone and back and forth 3 times at least.

It’s only 5 PM here, but I am guessing that the tornado is still on schedule for tonight as well as the UFOs and earthquakes. We shall see.

So. What’s the weather like where YOU are?