Since I am still on the mend, I can’t venture too far from “home” until I can manage to breathe and not cough up a vital organ. Therefore, since it was a beautiful day in Basse-Normandie (which means that it wasn’t raining), I decided to grab Molly and go Castle Creeping. There is a medieval castle just outside my door (about a 1/4 mile away) and until today, I had yet to throughly explore it.

William the Conquerer constructed Le Chateau Ducal in about 1070 AD. Although a lot of it was destroyed due to heavy bombing in 1944, a startling amount remains for the general public to roam, free of cost and almost year-round. It’s a remarkable display of workmanship, brute force and architectural intelligence. Molly and I couldn’t shake the feeling like we were walking on a very significant piece of history, and the sensation was awesome.

Here We Go to the Castle!

Le Chateau Ducal is about a football field long and wide. The ramparts on the North and West are the most intact and there is a large museum built into one side of it (we didn’t go inside due to time constraints).

When you get to the top of the Chateau, there are really beautiful views of the city. You can see dozens of churches (some only if you know where to look) along with many other famous Caen landmarks such as the pier, the unfinished spires of Eglise St. Jean and Eglise St. Pierre.

On Top of the Castle

In addition to enjoying a real-life history lesson, we delighted ourselves in people-watching and realized with real clarity that there are obnoxious teenagers, adorable children and doting parents in every country.

To learn more about Le Chateau Ducal, click here and click the English Flag icon in the left hand corner to translate the website into English.

Many thanks again to Molly for her photography. Her pictures were much more superior to mine on this trip! : )