When my head hit my pillow last night after having the fullest day I’d experienced in France yet, I was struck by sudden realization. It is my obligation and honor to tell the readership about what went through my head.

I am a Christian and am not ashamed to proclaim so. All day I prayed for direction: when I was lost, when I was cold, when I was waiting for the taxi. God and I were on a real and very beautiful date. When I climbed into bed, I thanked Him for his continued protection and care of me and my friends. I thanked him for my country, for France, for the sacrifice of the servicemen that so deeply moved me. And then, He spoke to me.

When God speaks to you, it’s not like he shouts in your ear or even is audible. It’s like a tug on your heart that leads you to realize things that were not clear before. It’s like the veil is lifted and you can see clearly again.

As moved as I was about 9,000 gravestones sitting on the hill of Omaha Beach, there is One who died for me personally because He would rather die for me than to live eternally without me. Why had I not seen it before? Christ, free of sin and full of grace, came to save me. I didn’t (and don’t!) deserve it! But the most amazing thing was yet to impact my mind.

Vista Overlooking the American Cemetery

I realized with unexplainable joy that there was no marble marker for my Savior’s grave. He died at the hands of men, was buried and three days later, rose from the dead in Victory over sin!!!

For mankind is doomed to die, but there is One who lives because He is without sin. Through Him we are guaranteed eternal life! Do you know Him? He is truly worth your awe and reverence and love.

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If you feel led, worship and listen to the words of this beautiful song.