The last week has been relatively uneventful after the quasi-disastrous trip to Omaha Beach. There have been no wrong-direction trains or mis-read maps or carsickness. There has, however, been a lot of plain old sickness.

It would seem that France has not escaped the illness that seems to be striking everyone world-wide. At first, I thought I was getting everyone sick, but it would seem that even my germs are not that potent. Everyone is sick with something ranging from a head-pounding cough to congested sinuses. We have gotten very proficient in explaining our maladies in French.

I’ve been sick for about a month now but only really really really really sick for 2 weeks. I’m on the mend but I seem to have misplaced my vocal cords. I speak in squeaks and whispers (to the frustration of my professors and the amusement of my classmates). I am not very ill, just very ill sounding.

In other news, Monday was International Women’s Day. My friend (and personal French bodyguard) Eddie gave me a rose and the world’s best steaming mug of the thickest, darkest chocolate, topped off with caramel. It was incroyable.

Rose from Eddie

The other incroyable thing I tasted today was a reward for myself after attending classes today. It’s one thing to ask for something in a patisserie and get what you want. It’s quite another thing to ask for something in a whisper and get that same thing. I am very proud of my linguistic skills and congratulate the woman working for her patience.

Tarte aux Fraises (Strawberry Tart)

This weekend I’ll be taking a train (in the right direction this time!) to Liseux, France to view a beautiful cathedral. Stick around for stories and pictures. There are sure to be many, although hopefully none about getting lost!

Please pray for me, my classmates, and the rest of the campus as we are all getting ill, trying to recover, balance classes and tackle other challenges. Also pray for several Americans who are going out of the country this weekend that they would be safe.

Thank you!