In continuation with the series of senses blogposts, I have chosen “sight” as the third installment. I could write a book on what I have seen thusfar, but I feel it’s important to give you an idea of what I see on a daily basis and show you the beauty therein.

I live in a dorm that looks like it may have been constructed in the 1950’s, very shortly after the war. There are few to no frills and I have learned to adapt. My dorm room is sunny and warm because it faces west. The sun streams through the windows in the afternoon, dancing across my desk (which looks like it got attacked with an Exacto-Knife in another life).

I have a “Wall of Happiness” on the plywood-backed cabinetry. The plywood itself is hideous, so I have chosen to cover it with punched ticket stubs, pictures of people I love, cards I’ve gotten in the mail and the paper that wraps pastries from the patisserie.

Graffiti covers almost every surface of campus. About 25% of the graffiti is actually artistic and shows people, places and curly letters. All kinds of colors are used in the mural.

The “football field” I cross to get to class every day is usually really ugly, but now with spring on the way, tiny daisies dot the field. Overhead, the sky is crystal clear and as blue as any I’ve ever seen in the world. It’s the kind of sky that you feel you can almost touch. Soft summer-like clouds drift quickly across the sky and the sun is blinding.

The people I see are just like any in the world albeit a little more fashionable. After all, I live in France. On campus, however, there are people from every walk of life. Every face shape, skin color, height and weight have been spotted. It’s diversity at its finest!

At night, when I look out my window, the lights of the city sparkle. Abbaye aux Hommes, a very beautiful abbey I have yet to visit, sits in the distance, luminous and imposing. Eglise St. Pierre, where I go to church, is lit up with high-power beams of light that create shadows on the steeple. The rest of city bustles even though night has fallen, and down by the port, the bars hop with college students every night. Ships sway in the breeze on the port and the owners of the boats eye me sneakily.

Caen by Night

Around every corner there is a kebob stand, a “pharmacie” and a pastry-bread shop. It’s safe to say that the French are never hungry or ill with such a surplus of such outlets.

Amazing Tarte Aux Pommes... Amazing sunlight to take the picture.

It’s a beautiful place, and I can only imagine it getting prettier as the flowers start to bloom and the trees’ leaves come out of hiding from winter. Open your eyes and see the beauty around you!