Kelli is a SuperSenior at the University of North Dakota where she got the opportunity to exchange with some lucky, cold-resistant student at the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie. She is studying French in Caen for 4.5 months and will be blogging about her giggle sessions, meltdowns, jet lag and language barriers via amusing and linguistic skillz.

Back home in Minnesota, she has a dysfunctionally functional nuclear family and boatloads of hysterical friends who drink entirely too much coffee and make her life spicy.

She has a substantial crush on Josh Groban, Jim Halpert and Edward Cullen. She thoroughly enjoys hula hoops, surprises, laughing, hiking, yellow M&Ms, snowboarding, rock climbing, travel, highly impractical footwear, roller-coasters, roses, stargazing and Jesus (in large and exciting doses).

She is thrilled to pieces that you’d read her blog.